Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Unatyx v0.001.05

So, since my last post about Unatyx, and the download I provided (which was game v0.001.03) I have updated it twice, however revision 04 didn't have a download as I was already working on 05, and if I released a download for every single version.. we'd be here a looong time.

Anyway, Unatyx v0.001.05 fixes a few bugs, including pathfinding (enemies now dynamically update their path, also taking into account towers placed after they spawned. This comes at a minor performance hit though, as rather than calculating the path before each enemy spawns, the enemies calculate the entire path every time they reach the center of a tile, to determine which tile to move to next.

Also note that trying to block an enemy as they're moving into a tile by placing a tower there may or may not crash. It will either stop you placing the tower, or simply crash. I 'll be fixing this in r06 if I can :P

Finally, I fixed the crash when you block the path to the exit entirely. Now, assuming you would be blocking the way of at least 1 enemy that has spawned, you won't be able to place the tower. However, if you block the path when all enemies are dead, new enemies that spawn will simply move diagonally through everything and off the screen (Don't ask o.o)

So yeah. Full changelogs and what-not can be found on the pixeljudge forums, as always (http://pixeljudge.com/en/forums/unatyx/). So, I'll be releasing a download for r05 on there soon.. maybe, or the download might wait until r06.. or r07.. or r389.. I dunno. When I have a version with more bugs fixed than added, I'll release a download.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Tower Defence

So guys, I've been playing around with XNA and working on a tower defence, it's currently at a bare releasable standard, although it's pretty buggy.

So here's the download:

Known Bugs:
- Enemies will walk through towers placed after they spawned

This is (obviously) a pretty major bug, but the only way I can think to fix it is to have the route of the enemies dynamically update, which I can't figure out how to do xP

Joining 1 Game A Month

Today, I discovered, and joined "1-Game-A-Month" or "1GAM".

This is a challenge of sorts, where the goal is to release a game every month. You get XP on the site as you release games and do other stuff, and it's a great way to get involved in the indie development community. There are no real rules, other than "make games" and I think it will be a great learning opportunity for me.

Any other game developers here should check it out, I'm positive they'll be running through 2014 as well.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Other info

For those of you still interested in my other works and projects, I'll still be active in life n stuff, and I can now be contacted on the IRC channel #CSharpGameDev

I'll also be happy to teach C# to anybody who wants to learn!

Bad News

I have some pretty bad news for all you Fantasy Reborn fans I'm afraid.

After looking at the project as a whole, and splitting it down into individual "problems" I realized something: I am no where near skilled enough with C# and XNA to pull this off.

This plus my lack of self-motivation, and the fact that nobody  has offered to help me with programming, AND the fact that I actually have a pretty demanding job, means that I'm going to be dropping FR as an active project.

This (probably) doesn't mean I'm never going to make it, it just means I need a hell of a lot more skill, practice, experience and knowledge before I even attempt something like this.

Until I feel ready to take it on, I'm going to work on smaller, easier projects, such as AwesomeRPG (http://pixeljudge.com/en/forums/awesomerpg/)

Monday, 9 December 2013


Hey all, sorry about my lack of activity over this past week/weekend. I have been on the IRC throughout the week, but was otherwise occupied over the weekend.

Progress is slow, I'm trying to implement multiple layers into the tile engine, and it's not working very well.

In laymen's terms:
I'm trying to make it so I can have terrain such as grass, sand, snow etc, but have things such as houses and buildings layered over them, almost like having 2 maps on top of each other.

After I've finished this, I will be able to start working on adding everything else. Here's a little list of things I need to add, in the order I'll probably add them:

Tile layering > Player > Movement > NPCs > Monsters > Combat > GUI > Shops > Spells/Abilities > Quests > {All the other stuff}

Monday, 2 December 2013

Looking for Programmers

Just wanting to expand on my search for programmers a little.
I need 2 programmers for Fantasy Reborn.
Both need very good C# skills.
One needs knowledge/experience working with XNA, the other needs knowledge/experience working with GNC (Google Native Client). Any experience working with Server/Client connections and networking would be very beneficial as well.
I'm not looking for somebody with a bunch of bits of paper saying they're good at stuff ("Qualifications" as they call them) I'm looking for somebody with actual C# skill and experience, and the enthusiasm and ability to prove their skill and help speed up the progress of Fantasy Reborn.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Art, title and chat updates

I've been working hard on replicating the art from FO (Without directly copying it, to avoid copyright infringement) and this is my progress thus far: http://puu.sh/5yjkv.png
As you can see it's coming along quite well.
Also, I've finally decided on an official title for the game, as I can't use Fantasy Online: Reborn, for copyright reasons, so instead the game will now be simply called "Fantasy Reborn"

Finally, I set up an IRC channel for anybody wishing to talk with me about any aspects of the game at
#FantasyReborn (Opens in a new window)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Update on getting Fantasy Online resources

So, the talks with PixelatedGames about getting the rights to the Fantasy Online resources is over.
Sadly it ended badly. Gamer has decided not to give the rights out to anybody at this point.

So I'm gunna need some sound artists and pixel artists to work on this.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

"Fantasy Online Reborn"

Okay, forget everything else on this Blog up until this point.
An amazing flash MMO called Fantasy Online (http://fantasy-mmorpg.com) is closing down 1st of Jan next year, and leaving it's fanbase to split up and move on.

I love this game, and I think it should live on. So I'm making a tribute!

It will be coded in C# allowing for some much wanted functionality simply not possible in Flash, but also meaning it will only be available as a browser game on Chrome 11 or higher (Any operating system that supports Chrome's Native Client).

However it will be available as a download on most Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)

Depending on PixelatedGames' response, it will either use the same graphics and sounds as FO, or it will use ones we make in the same style.

It will be very open to community suggestions as I feel that was a major feature lacking from FO

Also, it will feature far more content. Already ascended and reached level cap? No you haven't :D

For the foreseeable future, this blog will feature update's on FO Reborn's (Official name coming soon) development.

As always, I'm looking for people to help, namely:
 - More C# Programmers
 - 1-2 Musicians that can do music in a similar style to FO
 - a few Pixel artists that can do very lowres pixel art (Note that all art will be re sized to double size in-game)
If you're interested email me at skidsirongenesisdev@gmail.com

This game will be released under Iron Genesis' ownership, trademark, copyright etc.
Anybody who joins the development team will be offered the opportunity to fully join Iron Genesis.