Saturday, 30 November 2013

Art, title and chat updates

I've been working hard on replicating the art from FO (Without directly copying it, to avoid copyright infringement) and this is my progress thus far:
As you can see it's coming along quite well.
Also, I've finally decided on an official title for the game, as I can't use Fantasy Online: Reborn, for copyright reasons, so instead the game will now be simply called "Fantasy Reborn"

Finally, I set up an IRC channel for anybody wishing to talk with me about any aspects of the game at
#FantasyReborn (Opens in a new window)


  1. Why did you tell us about the IRC channel if you were never going to beo on it?

    1. I'm on the IRC whenever I'm on a computer with internet access, which is almost all day, every day.

    2. I usually have my IRC client up for at least 8 hours straight every day, and I've never seen you.

    3. Based on your username, I'm going to assume you're British, like me. Which means you're on GMT, like me. So I'm on IRC between 9:00 am (ish) and 6:00 pm (ish) and sometimes between 7:00 pm and midnight.