Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hello all, sorry about the lack of updates recently, work has been busy.

Speaking of work, I quit my job. I'm now a full time game developer :D

I'm also learning flash, and once I have enough knowledge, I intend to revive Fantasy Reborn, but this time as a true flash game!!

If anybody here has any flash experience, or graphics skills, email me at and we can sort something out so you can help with Fantasy Reborn!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

T'is the Season...

Apologies for my lack of activity recently, Christmas has been busy.

To keep people up to speed;
I'm once again active on the IRC (#CSharpGameDev)
Very little updates in regards to both Unatyx and AwesomeRPG, I'm likely going to be putting AwesomeRPG on hold for a little while so I can get Unatyx finished as, contrary to the expectation given it's simplicity, AwesomeRPG will be much more difficult to program in the way I want, mainly because all content from enemies to classes to quests have to be customisable in XML files, which is a bit of an obstacle.

I'll not bother writing a separate post about the next Unatyx update as it's a small one, so I'll tac it on here:
Unatyx v0.001.06
In this mini-update I've tweaked the stats of most towers, as well as enemies base stats and stat growth per wave.

I've also done a lot of recoding to the wave system to allow adding different types of enemies in the future.

Whilst working on and testing this little update, I stumbled upon another bug. Whilst blocking all paths when no enemies are on the field causes new spawning enemies to bug out and move diagonally off the screen, blocking a spawned enemy from the exit by placing a tower on a tile adjacent to the tile it's moving to will cause a complete crash, woohoo : /

Well, that's pretty much it for blog updates, hope you all had a great christmas/new year, and I'll be more active hopefully from now on.