Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blog Updates

Hello all.

I've decided recently to become a bit more seriously about this blog.
What this means is that I will now be posting a blog post every other day.

Also, I've had several people contact me asking to develop games with me or asking me to teach them programming.

I am willing and happy to do both of these, however if you want me to teach you programming, you no longer need to look any further than this blog, as the bi-daily posts will now be primarily focused around teaching the readers programming, C# specifically.

I'm also waiting to hear back from clientsfromhell.com about their freelancer kit.
It includes a freelancer's guide PDF and a zip of professional freelancer contract templates, both of which they've sent me, along with 6 months free web hosting for a professionally setup and maintained wordpress site and a free domain, courtesy of their partners, site5.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the hosting, but when I do, I will be migrating this blog over to the wordpress site. Wordpress is simply far more open ended and professional than Blogger. The only advantage of blogger being fast and easy integration with Google AdSense, and the fact that it's owned by google so I can login with my google account. (I use google chrome so blogger automatically detects my login).

When I move to the new site, I will be posting a link here, of course, and until then I will post some C# goodness every other day!

So make sure you watch this blog on thursday for the first part of the course.

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