Monday, 5 May 2014

Hope is not lost!

Hey guys! I'm alive!

I'm sure some of you have been missing the semi-daily posts of C# tutorage lately.

Sadly my internet has taken a turn for the worst. It turns out not only is my ethernet port broken (I'm getting that fixed tomorrow) but my ethernet CABLE is also broken D:

And sadly we don't exactly have 20m cables lying around the house.
My plan is hopefully to get a new, more reliable 20m cable to carry the signal from the router to my room, then use an ethernet splitter and 2 short cables to provide that signal both to my main PC and my old, scrappy PC which was recently delivered back from my grandparents.

I'll be using the older, lower spec PC as a server, most likely hosting teamspeak servers on it and renting them out to (for example) minecraft servers and EVE Online corps/alliances.

Obviously it won't be a professional service, people renting the servers won't have access to a "control panel" or anything of the sorts, but they'll be able to contact me via email or skype if anything goes wrong on their cheap-ass server.

I suppose I might as well give y'all that announcement I had planned.

Spot Social, which as some of you may remember completely missed it's launch date, will soon be open.
The delay was due to issues with the hosts SSL and we couldn't get their attention as their support just thought we were some dumb idiots who did something wrong and were trying to blame the host.

Eventually Tim got through to some higher ups who realised there really was an issue, they fixed it and gave us 2 months free service for the inconvenience.

Tim says the site should be up within a couple of weeks, and once it is I'll be sure to let you guys know!

Another little thing I wanna mention, is an amazing browser based unity game by the name of AstroX.
It's made by solo-developer Momoguru, creator of Codelink v2, a multiplayer tribute to the original Codelink.

It's available over on kongregate, and has a fast growing community on it's forums.

Once my internet is fixed, some of my livestreaming will be focusing on this game, simply because of how amazing it is.

Anyway, this is a lot more than I expected to write, given that I'm having to post this from my phone.

Once my internet is all hunky-dory I'll be back to the usual post every other day and livestream 3 days a week (New livestream schedule cos I got burned out doing 6 days a week)

Thanks for sticking with me and for your continued patience through this lull in activity!