Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I'm back!

Kind of anyway...

So, my internet is completely fixed, and I now have a part time job, working 2 hours a day in a morning, 6 days a week, for minimum wage. It's about £300/month (roughly $515)

Sadly, due to the enormous amount of things I'm doing in my free time right now, I don't have the time to regularly post here, so the C# tutorials are on hiatus.

Right now, I'm here to do some shameless advertising :3

Firstly, we have EverEmber Online, a game I was involved in the development of back when it first started 2 years ago, but then it stopped, and started, and stopped, and now it's up for good, and seems to slowly be gaining popularity. I'd love to get back into being involved in the development of it, but I doubt my C# skills would be too good as I believe it's written in VB6 (Oldschool :O) Anyway, here's a link:


Secondly, we have Spectrum Music, a new music promotion channel that I'm running. I'm trying to upload twice weekly, but I don't always manage it very well. If you're a music producer, or know anybody who is, let me know on the email provided on the channel (spectrumicmusicofficial@gmail.com)



Anyway, that's pretty much it for now, however also remember that I'm always available for things like coding requests. I've received a couple of emails in the past about people wanting my help making games or apps, and I'm always happy to take a look at the projects!