Friday, 3 October 2014

New Schedule

So guys, I've been thinking over the week, and I've written up a simple schedule for posts on here:

Tuesdays - "Translation Workshop"
Thursdays - "Miniproject Tutorials"
Saturdays - "AwesomeRPG C# Source Code Posts"

Translation Workshop -
This is a project I'm working on in an effort to learn other programming languages, to put it simply, I'm converting AwesomeRPG, class by class, into other languages.

I decided I'd start with Java, given the only real difference between C# and Java is .NET and a few differences in the Runtime that cause C# to be more stable, yet Windows only.

Miniproject Tutorials -
This is a smaller project where I take on the task of making small, simple games in C# and writing step by step tutorials on how to do it.

These will not be the same as my Source Code posts, as rather than simply post a class and explain the code, I will actually be going through the process of making the game from scratch.

The first "Miniproject" will be a small Idle game based around Pandas and Bamboo, more info on Thursday.

AwesomeRPG C# Source Code Posts -
The ones you know and love! Once a week I post the code from an entire class file of AwesomeRPG and go through it explaining the code.

In some instances, for example player.cs, the current class file we're working on, a single file can take multiple posts, simply due to the amount of content that needs to be covered.

These posts will not be made at any set time of day, but I'll make sure they'll always be on the right day (GMT)

Also this schedule doesn't mean there won't be other posts, like this one, on the off-days, so make sure to check back daily if you want to stay up to date with all the latest crap in my brain.

Finally, small announcement. When I made my latest C# Source Post last Saturday, we broke my record for most views in a day by hitting a whole 100 views in just 1 day!

Let's see if we can hit 250 next.

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