Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Many updates

Hey guys,

Today I have a few topics to talk about, so this might be a fairly lengthy post.

Firstly, SaiyanBot, the Twitch Chat bot I was making for a streamer friend, is now live.
Aside from 1 or 2 VERY minor bugs (spelling errors, etc) it seems to be running perfectly smoothly.
You can check it out over at natsuma's channel (http;//twitch.tv/natsuma_z)

Secondly, ChatSharp development continues, I've begun adding a channel which functions as a MUD (Text based MMO) however, whilst this is very possible and would work, I feel like the MUD should be separate, as then it can have it's own specialized client.

The download link for ChatSharp updates automatically, however I can't guarantee that the server will be up at any given time. It's usually running, but I don't check the server that often, and if it crashes, it crashes.

Thirdly, I want to discuss a fairly important issue; Dropping projects.

As some of you may have gathered at this point, I have a tendancy to start and abandon projects quite quickly, here's a short list of SOME of the projects I've done this with since starting this blog:
Fantasy Reborn - A Spiritual Sequel to Fantasy Online (to be fair, i dropped this because another team were already doing it)

Awesome RPG - The worst RPG in history (Seriously, I didn't even know how to multithread)

Pandaz! - The worst Online game in history ('nuff said)

UKZilla Minecraft Creative - A creative mc server that ran on and off for about a year, before dying out in october.

Spectrum Music - A music promotion channel, I paused activity on the channel while I worked on "upgrading" to a full blown music label, however a lack of investors blew this out of the water

Learning Unity - I got bored of learning how to use Unity

Learning UDK - I also got bored of learning how to use Unreal Engine

Making literally anything in game maker - To be fair this one's pretty justified, the only remotely decent game I've ever seen come out of Game Maker is Risk of Rain, and that one took a whole team several months.

Now hete's a list of projects I've COMPLETED since starting this blog:


Yep, that's it.

This habit of dropping projects all the time is getting out of hand, so from now on, I'm going to be sticking to the following projects:

That MUD game I'm working on
Shuriken Hosting - I'm starting a hosting business, I've already spent around $400 on it, won't be dropping that any time soon
MinMax Gaming - A gaming forum I setup, need to advertise it some time (http://minmaxgaming.net/forum)

These will be my primary projects for a while.

Finally, the last topic I want to discuss today: Game Design.

I'm going to be posting some Game Design posts in here soon, these are different than what I usually post in that Game Design, unlike Game Development, is about the story, layout and progression of the game, rather than actually making it.
The designers of a game are the ones who write all the quests, decide where NPCs go, draw out the layouts of areas etc etc.

So yeah, expect that soon.

Until then, don't eat your parents!

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