Monday, 19 December 2016

I'm back??

So, as always, it's been quite a while since I've posted here.

However for the past 6-12 months I've been very active in game development, so I figure it's time I restart this blog and start posting regular dev-blog style updates.

So to update you peeps on what's been going on:
I've been working on a few prototypes and WIP projects, and participated in a few gamejams, the results of all that can be seen over on my profile
I'm currently working on the game seen there called "Arena Shooter" (working title, of course). It's both an experiment into proper unity practices, and an experiment into working with console controls.
The current build of it only properly supports controller play (you can play with a keyboard, but it's gunna be insanely hard due to limited aiming angles), also if you want to try it with a controller, you may need to rebind the controls, as they're by default bound to be correct for a PS4 controller.
The controls can be rebound from the Input tab on the Unity launcher (the thing that asks you to pick a resolution).

My plan for this game is to add different types of player ships with different abilities, and a basic progression system, so I'll be posting some regular (weekly) dev-blogs on that topic.
As I mentioned above, this is made in Unity, meaning my dev-blogs on the topic will assume at least a basic understanding of unity (or at least C#).

So yeah, first dev-blog update thingy will be later today.